Lammas Mini Series

Practices to celebrate Lammas, the peak of abundance and growth

“It's easy to forget all that Earth brings to us. Let's give thanks for this beautiful harvest called LIFE”

Traditionally celebrated on 1st August, Lammas marks the peak of the summer and the gathering of the first harvest.

A time to give thanks for all that nature has provided us and an opportunity to pause and consider what your own personal harvest is.

Create some space to celebrate the abundance and joys in your life and check-in with how you are and what you need to do to nourish your inner world.


  • LAMMAS YOGA - A softly flowing vinyasa practice to gentle open the body ready for meditation,
  • LAMMAS MEDITATION - A seated or lying down meditation to explore your abundance, growth, and appreciation,
  • LAMMAS JOURNAL PROMPTS - poems and prompts to make sense of your thoughts and emotions and ensure you're on the right path for you.

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'Unique approach to yoga'

by Liz Hobman

“I’m loving being a member of Woodland Yoga. Louise has a very unique approach to teaching yoga, drawing learning from nature, neuroscience and nourishing spiritual teachings! I love the variety in her programmes, which combine mindfulness practices, movement and postures, readings and poetry, with wisdom and warmth. I am learning so much about how the mind, body and spirit can work together to cultivate compassion, strength and resilience for ourselves and those around us. I always feel calm and uplifted after a class. Informative, insightful and inspiring - thank you Lou!”

Your Teacher

'Yoga gives us peace and clarity in order to see the beauty and wonder that is all around us'

Louise Neicho

Having spent the first 20 years of my professional life working in and with nature I feel a deep connection to the natural world that has promoted numerous benefits in my life. Combining this with a love and appreciation of yoga and mindfulness that spans two decades (9 of them teaching) has enabled me to share practices that help us connect more deeply with nature and ourselves. I have completed over 1000hrs of yoga and mindfulness teacher training and I’m excited to be currently studying an MSc in Mindfulness and Neuroscience. I can honestly say that yoga and nature has saved my life on more than one occasion, and I don’t think I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my practice. To bring all of this together is simply a dream come true and I hope you will join me and our like-minded community soon.

'An inspiration'

by Cathy Washbrooke

“Louise is a skilled yoga teacher. Her knowledge and skill in the various types of yoga she offers (flow, yin yoga and yoga Nidra) is highly developed and Louise offers much more as she weaves mindful practices into her yoga sessions to create a mind and body practice. Her latest programme, Mindful Compassion, is an inspiration, allowing me to fully relax and find a more compassionate relationship to myself and others.”

Your Questions Answered

  • What do I need to begin?

    All you will need is a yoga mat and comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in, PJ’s work well for this!

  • Other questions?

    If you have any other questions or would like to get in touch, then feel free to contact me on

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'Louise has an in depth knowledge'

by Melanie Sparks

Louise has an in-depth knowledge and explains in an understanding and gentle way. She enables her students to explore themselves and their thoughts within her sessions and beyond.

Full Course Content

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    Lammas Mini Series

    • Lammas Journal Prompts

    • Lammas Yoga

    • Lammas Meditation

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