Strength & Resilience

Practices to build inner and outer strength and resilience

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

What a year it has been?! We’ve faced changes and challenges like no other 12-month period.

You may have noticed that some people have been able to seemingly breeze through all the ups and down with ease and a positive attitude.

This inner strength and resilience is NOT something we’re born with and is a quality that we need to cultivate to combat stress, to be adaptable to our surroundings, be emotionally resilient and then able to fully embrace life and whatever it throws at us.

In this brand-new six-week course of yoga and meditation I’m bringing together all the tools and techniques I have used to create a life I’m madly in love with despite the changing landscape of my inner and outer world.

It will teach you techniques that you can use on and off the mat so that being strong and resilient, physically and mentally, become part of who you are.

This course starts on Monday 15 February so you have the choice of joining our membership or purchasing this one-off course giving you access for three months (Live classes are not included in this option).

N.B. No live classes the week of 15 February - there will be 4 recorded classes for you to practice in your own time.

Here's what you can expect each week

  • Week 1, w/c 15 Feb - Exploring Strength & Resilience

    We’ll start our new course exploring what it means to build inner and outer strength and resilience. Touching on science, we’ll see how our incredible, malleable brain can be rewired to deal with stress, changes and uncertainty.

  • Week 2, w/c 22 Feb - Planting our Roots

    Starting from the ground up, this week we’ll focus on planting our roots and creating a solid foundation to build our strength and resilience.

  • Week 3, w/c 1 March - Balancing Strength & Surrender

    Life can sometimes feel like a balancing act and knowing when to accept and let go can save us from unnecessary suffering. This week we’ll explore how we can balance strength with surrender.

  • Week 4, w/c 8 March - Blossoming from the Inside

    Love brings joy and happiness alive and makes any suffering worthwhile. This week we’ll focus on opening the physical and spiritual heart and allowing any hardening to begin to dissolve.

  • Week 5, w/c 15 March - Practice Playfulness

    Yoga, like life, can be serious but it doesn’t always need to be, and when we remember to practice playfulness, we awaken our innate creativity and wonder and see that there is not just one way of looking at the world or our situation.

  • Week 6, w/c 22 March - Grit & Grace

    We’ll conclude our programme by exploring how we can continue to let our perseverance, determination and courage grow, whilst allowing grace to touch our lives, heart and soul.

Your Teacher

'Yoga gives us peace and clarity in order to see the beauty and wonder that is all around us'

Louise Neicho

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 8 and have completed around 1000hrs of teacher training. I can honestly say that yoga has saved my life on more than one occasion and I don’t think I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my practice. My fascination with the human brain has also started to seep into my practice and teachings and I’m excited to be studying an MSc in Mindfulness and Neuroscience. To bring all of this together is simply a dream come true and I hope you will join me and our like-minded community soon.

What others are saying about Louise's teaching

'Louise is so kind and caring'

by Emma Scinaldi

I started as a complete beginner and was worried I would not be able to follow the moves, but Louise is so kind and caring, plus really knows her stuff so is able to give very clear, supportive guidance. There is never any pressure as Louise always offers alternatives. With care and kindness she has encouraged me to really develop my practice. I always feel really energised after a session with Louise but I am also starting to notice a higher level of peace and tranquility in my day to day life. I feel strong and calm at the same time!

'Classes are a life-line'

by Cathy Washbrooke

Louise’s classes are a life-line! I find myself being able to calm my anxiety, find a new purpose and most importantly accept where we are as a country and continue my daily life. Louise is a very warm, nurturing and knowledgeable teacher. She also integrates elements of mindfulness through various readings, poetry and insights to deepen the practice and allow deep rest to take place. I always feel lifted, yet grounded after each of Louise’s yoga sessions.

'Supports mental wellbeing'

by Finola McManus

What I love best about your courses is that they not only give the benefit of a yoga practice but also deliver simple and practical ways to apply the weekly themes and help support mental wellbeing which is especially important at this time. Speaking as someone who struggled to make time for a single weekly practice, I am now getting to my yoga mat most days and it has become a ‘non-negotiable’ in my daily life and one which I make time for.

Your Questions Answered

  • How is this different to other yoga classes?

    This course is designed to take you gently and slowly into the deeper layers of the mind, each week building on your understanding of the workings of the mind and the tools and techniques that you can use on and off your mat. The difference to regular yoga classes is that we focus on one particular emotion or area of the mind, as well as a physical focus in the body each week. You get to explore this theme for a whole week on and off the mat, building your awareness and focus.

  • Which class should I choose?

    There 5 different styles to choose from each week and how you choose will depend on whether you have practiced yoga before or not and what you would like to gain from your practice. If you are new to yoga or haven’t practiced in a while, I would suggest starting with the Back-to-Basics, Gentle & Restorative and Yin Yoga. If you are familiar with vinyasas then you’ll love the Flow & Reflect classes on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and if you’re looking for more stillness, deep physical stretches and meditation techniques then Yin Yoga will be for you.

  • What do I need to begin?

    You will need a yoga mat and comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in, PJ’s work well for this! For some of the classes you will need some props, but we have been experimenting with household pillows, cushions and blankets in place of traditional yoga props. I will let you know at the beginning of class what you need.

  • Other questions?

    If you have any other questions that are not answered here, then feel free to contact me on

Course Content to date

As this course is our CURRENT COURSE, videos are added within 24 hours of them begin recorded. Course finishes on 27 March 2021.

  • 1

    Week 1 - Intro to Strength & Resilience

    • Course Introduction for Strength & Resilience

    • 'Off the Mat' - Week 1 - Exploring Strength & Resilience

    • Yin Yoga, Week 1 - Exploring Strength & Resilience

    • Flow & Reflect, Week 1 - Exploring Strength & Resilience

    • Gentle & Restorative, Week 1 - Exploring Strength & Resilience

    • Back-to-Basics, Week 1 - Exploring Strength & Resilience

  • 2

    Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • 'Off the Mat' - Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Sunrise, Mon AM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Back-to-Basics, Mon PM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Yin Yoga, Mon PM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Gentle & Restorative, Wed AM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Yin Yoga, Wed PM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Flow & Reflect, Wed PM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Sunrise, Fri AM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

    • Flow & Reflect, Sat AM, Week 2 - Planting our Roots

  • 3

    Week 3 - Balancing Strength & Surrender

    • 'Off the Mat' - Week 3 - Balancing Strength & Surrender

    • Sunrise, Mon AM, Week 3 - Balancing Strength & Surrender